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      Carpet Cleaners Kensington do our office cleaning every day and they always do an amazing job. They arrive on time, always work extremely hard, and don't skip any corners. It's so nice to have such a clean office all the time.
Tim Tracker19/05/2020
     I have used these cleaners a couple of time for various cleaning jobs. Carpet Cleaning Kensington has always been a joy to work with!
Bruce F.19/09/2019
     Easy to book with, brilliant overall finish, trustworthy house cleaners. Shall be using Kensington Carpet Cleaning again.
Tonya Murker25/04/2017
     The best house cleaning company I've worked with recently has definitely been the guys at Carpet Cleaning Kensington. Whatever I've got to them with, from stains to smells, right up to spring cleaning, they've been able to handle it. Really quick workers who are diligent and always really polite. Means a lot that a company are this dedicated to providing a great service. It doesn't even cost much, seeing as they're cheaper than pretty much everyone else I've used. Favourite company out there.
     I thought that cleaning my kitchen would cost a lot more than it did. The team of cleaners sent out by Kensington Carpet Cleaning were caring individuals, clearly had a vast amount of training and more importantly, they respected my house, so I wasn't left with even more to sort out when they were finished.
      Kensington Carpet Cleaning has been cleaning our office premises for nearly a year now. I highly recommend their services because the team is efficient and punctual. I've had issues with some of the previous cleaners I had hired; they would skip work on some days and would leave the work half done. But that's not the case with this cleaning company, they are absolute professionals. They ensure that the office and toilet facilities are clean at all times. Highly recommended.
Barry S.19/08/2015
     Our factory needs to be clean and sterile for health and safety reasons and in the past we've had problems getting it to that standard regularly. That's why I am so pleased with Kensington Carpet Cleaners - since they have been our business cleaners we have had no reason to worry about hygiene standards and the work they have done for us has been very meticulous and intensive. I would certainly recommend these cleaners to other people and we certainly plan to retain their services after many months of very good quality cleaning in our place of work. A very good cleaning provider!
Mitchell V.14/11/2014
     Thanks Kensington Carpet Cleaners! I got your number from of one of my mates, he said that you'd been around his and that you did a good job. I've only been around this area a little while and needed some help with the cleaning and that. You lot were pronto and no aggro. You've made my place look great! I keep on telling my other mates to give you a call. I'm thinking about hiring you on a weekly basis. So if anyone's reading this they're well worth it, give them a call, don't worry about what cleaning you need doing, they're really good and worth the price!
Jayse H.23/10/2014
     I own a small block of apartments and from time to time need an end of tenancy cleaning service to get the apartments back into a neat and tidy order. I have used Kensington Carpet Cleaners for over two years now and have always been very satisfied with their work. The cleaners are very professional and will do an exceptional job. The mess some of the tenants leave can be disgusting. But, however messy the cleaning teams do a superb job and the place looks good when they have completed the work. I would recommend anybody needing a house cleaning service to get in touch. The rates are affordable too.
Lorna Reddell24/07/2014
     I have quite large home so cleaning it alone can be tough. I managed for a while but when was hosting an event, I couldn't get things done on time. I called several cleaning firms to see who could help me and went with Kensington Carpet Cleaners. Their staff were deployed to me immediately and we all got to work. Their knowledge and skill impressed me, and meant that the job was done thoroughly and on time. My house looked better than it ever had when only I cleaned it, so I as thoroughly impressed with the result I received. The house was ready for my event and so I am sure to hire them again.
Graham Thompson20/06/2014
     Living in a flat with a couple of mates is a lot of fun, and none of us is particularly motivated to carry out the general household chores. So as young working men we decided to get help from Kensington Carpet Cleaners, by getting them to clean our apartment on a weekly basis. As much as we won't admit it to each other, we all look forward to coming home on the day they come to clean. It is amazing how much they transform the place - you wouldn't know it was three untidy males living there!
Ben R.05/12/2013

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